We are facing human evolution, individually and collectively.

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Mehr Yumminess – Yoga für Projektoren

Online-Kurs, Mittwochs, 17 Uhr (MEZ)
* laufender Kurs über die Plattform Jitsi
* Ich lade dich ein, mich zu kontaktieren. So finden wir heraus,
ob du eine/e Projektor/in bist und dieser Kurs für dich richtig schwingt.

Eine Reise zu Resilienz und Gesundheit

* 13.9.-24.10.21 (Einfühung mit Trommelreise und Kennenlernen am 6.9.21)
* Stärkung deiner Immunität, deiner Gesundheit, deines inneren Gleichgwichts und der Nerven
+ weitere Infos findest du weiter unten : )

Personal Online (Yoga) Session between 2pm-11pm (CET)

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Be your inner nature – be change

Embodiment. With Yoga, intuitive movements, pranayama/breathing, meditation, (Mantra) chanting, Human Design, Gene Keys and through honest talking we find out about your need, your situation, your change to align with spirit. We will change perspectives and get the energy flowing along the chakras.

  • on&off individual lessons
  • on&off individual 10-lesson-pack
  • ask for offline option

Yoga in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special moment. It means so much change in your body, mind and emotions. It means a new life is created and is creating itself. And you have the honor to guide it in its first process so close. And some challenges are part of it.

Pregnancy is a preparation for you as well. You took big steps and now a giant one: you are becoming a mother. It is the direct connection to Mother Earth. We can learn so much from her during this riping process.

Yoga can support. With yoga and similar methods we touch birth preparation, connection, nurture, cleansing, energetic decoupling etc.

I am in your service.

  • on&off individual single lessons
  • courses

Beyond Yoga – be change

You want to know more and explore the depth of creation? Then you have to surrender to what is called nothingness, the void or nagal, the tao or the unnamed. You have to let go of who you are, your identity. And then you will find your true self with endless energy and potential. ‚Beyond Yoga‘ includes theory and praxis. It will challenge you. Are you ready to change?

  • on&off individual single lesson
  • on&off individual 1-day workshop (2x3h)
  • online individual 10-weeks package
  • Ab April 2021: laufender Online-Kurs
  • talks&writings

Human Design Reading & Coaching – be change

Human Design is an advanced system. It combines the Chakras, the Kabbalah, atsrology and foremost the I Ching, the book of change.

How does your energy flow, what are you drawn to; what are the fears, what are the conditionings, where do you take the world in and what do you give to the world…it shows as so much. You are designed to be here and you are designed for your unique mission. Through HD we get the sparks, the clues, the AHAs! It tells us about differentiation, evolution.

In a reading find out about your design, your difference, your gifts in your earthly suit. And then we rewire you to be wired, to be settled in your truth.

  • online live reading
  • recorded individual reading
  • online coaching sessions 1on1

Consultation & Guidance – be change

Evolution is calling you. The old structures crumble. And you feel stuck, lost and don’t know (exactly) where to go and what to do? You don’t feel attracted to find a new ‚healing method‘ and you feel nothing fits or you don’t fit? Or did you have a (medicinal) spiritual experience that needs to be integrated? No worries, I go through this with you. First of all: that is normal! We go through a time of change. We calibrate and we have not really gotten through as collective. Together we find out where you want to go, how your integrate yourself and what you can do to raise your abilities.

  • on&off individual session
  • online individual intensive 12-weeks package (combines all ‚be change‘ services)

Connect & Create

Now you know what you want to do and you feel how spirit guides you, you connect to the unknown and you know what you want to manifest tomorrow and in five years. In a collective you can raise more and you can consciously co-create your surrounding and a new world. But maybe you still need some support to get your message out or to connect with other people that already walk their talk. I travel around the world to connect people on the peaceful wave. If you want to learn from those talk-walkers or co-work with them or you want to be a part of this greater web, then you have to have a look at Lahari Peace.

  • on&off individual consultation
  • workshops
  • talks (humanity as one)

The Peru Connection – Q’eros and others

Ancient tradition, ceremony, ancient wisdom, connection with nature and spirit, new knowledge – the one who listens to the mountains – and medicinal healing – you can find all of that in Peru. BUT often it is not the real deal but a lot of marketing. The way of a Q’ero and his or her healing practices made a way to the big notes. Don’t fall in a trap! I can help you finding Maestros and Maestras or a way into Nacion Q’ero. Infact I am connected to people working with them and I am directly connected to healers in Peru.

The greater idea is: we learn and gain wisdom and knowledge, we preserve the connection to Pachamama and the cosmos and we fertilize other cultures and reactivate (our own) lost cultures. As well we learn for the evolutionary step we are taking.

  • on&off individual sessions/guidance
  • soon: tours with Q’eros in Germany & in Peru
  • talks & writings

Talks & Writings

The change starts with a difference. How can you make differences in your life, your surrounding and in the world? With modern science and ancient understanding, with connection to Gaia and with what we call pure consciousness. How does that look like in our dual world, in our 3D-perspectives, in our disconnected societies and individuals and what can you with your individual abilities contribute to create change? What can we learn from ancient visions like the one of the Q’eors or from those that already live change in modern world? These questions are big and they are present in any detail. What does it mean to break through and see the nature of all things? I look to the bottom of the things and acknowledge the similarities, the common clues and essences. In the end we are all creaters, who have to remember and if we want change we have to gain our power back. I point at the problems and talk/write about solutions. We need to take down the veils of human creation and step into a greater conscious co-creation for a more real and better humanity.

  • talks in private and public events, festivals, congresses etc. (talks on Q’eros, Cosmovision and healing work, manifestation, marketing, why we need healing and change and what is behind the veil of manmade reality etc.)

FREE: Emergency Course!!! (Eng)

Immunität & Balance & innere Stärke (Deu)

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Mittwochs, 17 Uhr (MEZ), jitsi: laufender Online-Kurs Mehr Yumminess – ein Kurs für Projektoren >bitte anmelden

13.9.-24.10.12., Di/Do 19 Uhr, zoom: Eine Reise zu Gesundheit und Resilienz >mehr

Soon: Beyond Yoga english course >please request

in Planung: Workshop Beyond Yoga, 5-Tage-Workshop, Rathenow, 645-780€ >mehr

Payments & Prices

Payments through bank transfer or wave app (credit cards), paypal or cash.

Prices vary and depend on country, currency and individual situation. Please inquire.

Average prizes (European standard):

Indivdual / Individuell

individual lesson/session: 40€/hour

10 lessons package or minute account (online): 36€/hour

individual 12-weeks package: 1x week (ca. 1,5h): 600€ / 2-3x week (+ extras): 2.000€

individual 1-day workshop: 300€

individual 10-weeks workshop: 800€

Groups / Gruppen

group course: 10 weeks: 1x (2-2,5h) week per person: 200€ (incl. expenses)

group workshop: full day (ca. 8h) per person: 80 – 120€ (incl. expenses)

bookings for studios etc.: course or workshop lesson: per person: 10 – 15€/hour

Talks / Seminare (Reden)

talks: depends on occasion, please inquire