The balance in yourself is your natural way of being free

„genius“ is the spirit and „locus“ is a place. The spirit of a place is everywhere and in yourself. The connection or relationship between spirit and place goes through body, mind and soul. The key is its natural balance. genius and locus flow in a unique harmonic way. This is your essence. And you are its expression.

Instead of being a nude expression we like to wear identity that holds on to emotions and experiences or traumas from the past, to an inner child that learned how to be someone, how to wear this identity.

Life circles in its repetitions.

Identity is emotionally attached and often based on fear. Even identity unites with emotions and creates our stories, our histories in flesh and thought, in behavior and action. Furthermore it makes us holding on to those individual stories and beliefs.

Emotions are just fugitive energies reaching us. If we observe them and let them through we are the moment and in the next moment we are the next moment – maybe another emotion, maybe the same, maybe something else, maybe nothing we identify with. Holding on let the past reproduce itself. And the circle continues.

Emotions from the past can be observed.

Our bodies carry consciousness and emotional attached experiences. Our cells represent us. They remember and function like storages. Our breathing represents us. Shallow breathing – we are holding on and block ourselves. The deeper we breathe the less we hold on, the less we block. The more we live creative and healthy.

Full breathing fills all cells with oxygen. All cells vibrate vital and open for the moment, even those that were ignored. In a yogic way locus opens for atmen, for genius. Then if we focus on body, mind and emotional structures we are able to listen to ourselves, break the circles in our lives, liberate and create change.

Free breathing. Free of past.

Identity and fear dissolve.

Creativity vibrates.

Listening or what the indigenous Australians call dadirri is a deeper meditative practice. We learn to listen to the truth within us. Finally we come into a natural balance and in our own nature, the true self. And one step further there is a peaceful emptiness, free of judgements, attachments and suffering. There is the free flowing sound of you.

You can learn to observe yourself in a unique and individual way.

Some might need other methods like movement or sport or creativity to reach a full breathing, a meditative moment and the touch of the self. Some need new forms of meditations. And so on and so long…

You are unique and the way to yourself is unique.

genius loci