Vital Training – genius loci

by Janine Engeleiter

me colour

Once the author Hunter S. Thompson advised a friend. He wanted him to see his own way and not to pick a made way that does not suit him. He encouraged him to create.

How do we create?

We create from what we know. The less we are open, the less we see, the less we create. Or we create always the same. Loops in time.

Coming from this position I finally accepted life as a joyful creation and within all the lessons from different directions I have never heard of before. I always wanted difference and realised I had to be the difference, the change, first.

Coming to the bottom of what I am – to the high depth of the creative ocean – allows me to be who I am. Different, unique.

We create in and out of ourselves because we are the power to create.

Now, at the age of 32, I am in a confident position to share and to support people with my abilities. This is my vital, natural state of being.

Please do not be shy or hesitate to contact me.

Love, Light and Nature