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Embrace life and be your inner glow, your shine, the diamond you are!

With different modern and traditional methods, with body, mind and soul work we can create change and a natural flow in your life!

Heal to be the true version of yourself, the genius in loci.


I am Janine and I am here to make a difference.

Lets dream together a better world.


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“ Thank you, Janine! That was so wonderful. The last two weeks have been challenging for me, first emotionally and then physically. Thanks to your guidance I was able to connect with myself again. I feel so calm and relaxed, and I am so grateful! I look forward to practicing again with you soon. Namaste. “ (Nicole, USA)

“ Der Workshop ‚Yoga & Tanz‘ war ein bezaubernde Kombination aus Yoga, kreativem Tanz und Träumen mit wundervollen Lichteffekten. Janine weiß, wie sie ihre Teilnehmer abholt. Ich spüre tiefe Verbundenheit und Weisheit in Ihren Stunden. Danke dafür und die schönen Inspirationen! “ (Christiane, Deutschland)

“ 英語もわかりやすく、熱心に指導していただきました。初めてのオンラインヨガで緊張しましたが、レッスンの冒頭でヨガをする目的や経験などを聞いてくれたので、安心して始めることができました。先生の他のレッスンも早速予約しました。- The English was easy to understand, and she was eager to teach. I was nervous with my first online yoga, but at the beginning of the lesson, I heard the purpose and experience of doing yoga, so I was able to start with peace of mind. I booked other lessons with the teacher immediately. “ (Kariori, Japan)

“ This is the first time to take here lesson today. She is a very kind, wonderful yoga teacher. I really enjoyed her lesson. Thank you very much. “ (Juno, Japan)

“ Her yoga class always gives me various explanation of yoga and it really helps for me to gain more insight. When I practice Kundalini yoga with her,I feel that it actulally has detoxing effect.It’s useful for mental stabilization although I only practice a little bit of it. … Her classes are just amazing! These are well-balanced,more focused on personal insight,and very energetic yoga class.I always enjoy the practice for it invigorates me. “ (Natsuko, Japan)


Thank you for being!


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